Volmpack M12i FR Frozen Weigher

12 scale, stainless steel weigher for frozen foods.

The Volmpack M12i FR Frozen Weigher is designed with individually quick frozen meats, fish & vegetables in mind.
With its stainless steel design, it is also equipped with easy to remove, dimpled V-shaped buckets that are designed for fast cleaning good flow of frozen product. The M12i Fr is optimized for high capacity with small weights. The M12i Fr has different discharge systems available and custom discharge options can be tailored for specific product filling needs.

High speed computer scans the weights available in all 12 buckets and chooses the best combination to provide the most accurate weight.

Discharge options include both single or dual discharge belts.

The M12i FR is commonly partnered with Vertical Form, Fill and Seal baggers and Clamshell or Tray Fillers.

Features of the M12i FR include:

•  12 V-shaped bucket scales to weigh a variety of products and handle them gently
•  Strong, stable stainless steel construction with vibration isolation
•  Touchscreen computer
•  Two computers for performing diagnostics or maintenance while also operating the weigher
•  Operators can save packing styles in a user-friendly program for quick and easy changeovers
•  Standard machine gateway for remote assistance
•  IP65 rated enclosures allow for safe machine washing