Matrix Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers

Vertical form, fill and seal baggers

Volm and Matrix Packaging Machinery worked together to develop reliable and cost efficient Vertical Form, Fill, & Seal (VFFS) baggers for the fresh produce industry.

Matrix VFFS machines work with many infeed types and are capable of bagging extreme speeds up to 120 bags per minute. The line of Matrix VFFS baggers allow packing facilities, interested in selling vertical bags, to automate their packing process and drive for higher profits.


  • Adjustable legs for stability
  • Modular, non-proprietary design
  • Film tracking system, encoder, and registration sensor (Elete DS-13/18)
  • Smart Jaw ST, high speed sealing system (Elete DS-13/18)


  • Mechanical or heated, hole punching
  • Pneumatic jaw for economy bagger (Orion)
  • Stainless steel wash-down construction
  • Impulse cross sealing and hot air back sealing
  • Edge or center back sealing system
  • Product accumulation buckets for batch control
  • Gusset / flat bottom bag attachment
  • Printer, labeler, and valve applicators
  • Load shelf for heavier bags
  • Gas flushing system
  • Servo motor upgrade