Halo Optical Sorter by TOMRA

The Halo Optical Sorter by TOMRA is the latest advancement in sensor based optical sorters for a high performance sort/grade on quality, size
and for food safety.

The Halo Optical Sorter by TOMRA combines intelligence with advanced control to provide sort flexibility and accuracy in a reliable, long life, compact sorter.

Benefits of the Halo Optical Sorter by TOMRA:

  • Reduces labor requirements up to 80%
  • Faster pack, increased throughput up to 25%
  • Increased yield
  • Lower operational costs
  • Fast payback on investment

The ODENBERG halo uses top and bottom sensor banks to view each individual object “in flight” using a combination of LED, CCD camera and NIR (Near Infra Red) to perform targeted spectroscopy with 1mm precision. This advanced system views and analyzes visible attributes (color, shape, blemish, foreign material, etc.) as well as those difficult to see or “invisible” defects to the product composition. The result is a highly accurate, flexible and controllable sort.

Gentle product handling is assured by design; the 1st grade produce gently passes through the machine while 2nd & 3rd grade are redirected into individual streams by intelligent finger ejectors with precision and accuracy. More grading options are also available. Call Volm today for more information on optical sorting.

  • Capacity: * Max Capacity ranges from 14,000 to 70,000 kg/h depending upon model
  • Power Consumption: 3.3 kVA - all models
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 83" all models
    Width & Length: Varies by model - see Product Brochure
    Infeed Belt: Ranges from 20" to 80" depending upon model - see Product Brochure
  • Air: Ranges from 70 L/min to 240 L/min depending upon model