Kwik Lok 1083 Takeoff Conveyor

The Kwik Lok 1083 Takeoff Conveyor is designed for use with Carousel type transfer units. The conveyor receives the filled bags from the bagger and transports the packages through the Kwik Lok Closer.

Kwik Lok conveyors can be order as a belt or chain version and will handle packages up to 20” (45 cm) in length at speeds of 60 or 90 packages per minute. Faster speeds, variable speed, and a kit to widen the conveyor are available. The conveyor can also be ordered with a brake-clutch unit that provides bag actuation. Conveyor lengths of 7.5’ (2.29 m) to 30’ (9.1 m) are available.

Typical applications for the Kwik Lok 1083 Takeoff Conveyor include potatoes, onions and citrus.

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