Kwik Lok 865

Automatic Bag Closing Machine

The Kwik Lok 865 Automatic Bag Closing Machine is just one of many models of bag closers available through Volm Companies. The Kwik Lok 865 closes packages using the NRP style Striplok bag closures and bag closure-labels. The 865 closes packages at speeds up to 80 bags per minute. The machine uses the all-plastic closure and closure-labels. The 865 will close any package width without adjustment – package width limitations are dependent on lok opening size, not the gearing of the machine. The machine will adapt to most automatic baggers on the market.

The machine is equipped with a variable speed control for closing up to 80 packages per minute. Will close any package width without adjustment. Typical applications include vertical packages, produce (wicketed baggers and roll-stock baggers), ice, candy and various hand-feed applications.

The Kwik Lok 865 incorporates all of Kwik Lok’s latest design and quality features, assuring you a long lasting machine with minimal maintenance cost. Volm has recognized the need for full packing line equipment integration and solutions within a packing facility. We’ve listened to our customers and now offer complete facility solutions, from receiving to palletizing to material handling. We’ve assembled a team of expert designers and engineers (VEST) that will customize the solutions that are right for your facility. Volm has partnered up with the industry’s most respected suppliers to be able to offer best-in-class equipment solutions.