Used and New MSU Separation Unit

Used and New MSU Separation Unit available for sale

We currently have one Used and two New MSU Separation Units available for sale. All units are 2016 model year, with the Used MSU being used and tested for a limited time.  The Used MSU is a great value since it is in nearly new condition.  

The MSU is used in production to automatically separate and singulate filled packages for accurate spacing prior to entering a checkweigher.  The result is a faster and more accurate checkweighing system.  

The MSU can be used to combine multiple lines of production into one singulated lane.  

The MSU improves performance of certain filling systems including the Volmpack Baler and Case Filling Systems.

For more information on the Used and New MSU Separation Unit, call us at 1-888-349-8656 or email