Used VP10000 Weigher System

We currently have two used Volmpack 10 scale (VP10000) weighers for sale.

A 2007 VP10000 due in October as a trade in:  System includes an elevator and a center discharge system.

A 1998 VP10000 with a center discharge system will be available in November 2019.

Call 1-888-349-8656 or email for more information. 

About the VP10000:

The VOLMPACK 10000 uses the latest in technology to provide the optimum in weighing accuracy, automation, high production and durability.
The Highly Efficient Feed Channels provide a trouble-free means of transporting the produce into the ten weighing buckets. The combination of wide stainless steel lanes and electromagnetic vibrating coils provide gentle, quick and easily adjustable feeding to the bucket scales.
The High Speed Computer scans the weights available in the ten bucket scales and chooses the best combination to provide the most accurate weight-eliminating underweights and minimizing overweights. The most efficient settings for each specific packing application can be entered in memory and called up to function at the touch of a button. This 486 PC has a solid state hard disk and interfaces easily with other PC’s, printers, phone modems, etc. Data and communications are provided on a large screen in a user­friendly format similar to Windows. Several languages are available.
The Wide Bucket Scales have excellent capacity which allows the Volmpack 10000 to weigh a variety of produce types at high production rates. The bucket scales which have been selected by the computer are emptied into the discharge system. The discharge system transports this accurate weight combination into the bagging system that is interfaced with the weigher.