Used Wyma Flat Bed Roller Dryer

Roller Dryer system - 10 row module

We have one Used Wyma Flat Bed Roller Dryer currently for sale.  This 2016 Roller Dryer module is built with 10 rows of rollers and measures 1500 mm or about 5′.  

The Roller Dryer can remove excess moisture from the surface of fresh produce reducing the risk of bacterial growth. The roller’s porous surface draws in moisture as produce travels along the bed. Squeeze rollers underneath the bed squeeze water from sponge rollers.

Produce is transferred over the brushes and rollers by other produce pushing it from behind.

An automatic wiper can be fitted to clear produce from the bed at the end of a produce run.

Features of the Wyma Roller Dryer system:

  • Belt driven design – More reliable than chain-driven design systems and less maintenance
  • No drop between modules – Multiple flat beds can be combined for efficient use of space and more gentle handling of product
  • Motors IP56 and covered – You can hose down the machine
  • Designed with few catchment areas – Reduces dirt trapping

For more information on this Roller Dryer, call us today at 1-888-349-8656 or email