Verbruggen Fully Automatic Palletizers

Volm partners with Verbruggen to provide high quality modular palletizing systems for your needs. Volm proudly sells Verbruggen Fully Automatic Palletizers which are known for their solid and practical design. The Verbruggen Fully Automatic Palletizers are simple to operate and will improve your productivity while reducing labor costs. With many models to choose from, we create a tailor made solution for each customer.
The VPM-8, VPM-10, VPM-14 (shown in main image) and VPM-BXL are the fully automatic models for medium and large sized packing facilities. VPM-Mobile, the mobile flagship among fully automatic palletizers, allows for palletizing at various locations.

All groups of machines are widely applicable due to their modular design. Please view our brochure for specifics and diagrams on all Verbruggen Fully Automatic Palletizers available.

Volm has recognized the need for full packing line equipment integration and solutions within a packing facility. We’ve listened to our customers and now offer complete facility solutions, from receiving to palletizing to material handling. We’ve assembled a team of expert designers and engineers (VEST) that will customize the solutions that are right for your facility.

Our team here at Volm will create a solution that works perfectly within your layout and for your needs.