Volmpack Industrial Pouch Bagger

Single pouch bagger for many applications.

The Volmpack Pouch Bagger is a single pouch bagging machine that easily bags product in common pouch style bags.  An optional sealing unit can be added to automate the sealing process.

The pouch bagger allows facilities to move away from costly and labor-intensive manual pouch bagging to affordable, high-speed automation. At up to 15 bags per minute, the pouch bagger can help keep up with consumer demands.


  • Pouches can include multiple handle styles, tear notches, venting options, various films, and die cut corners
  • Interface with many fillers
  • Controlled with a PLC and touchscreen


  • Gas flushing to reduce oxygen levels depending on the product and setup
  • Ink jet drive allowing for printing across the bottom of the pouch magazine
  • Vacuum system to remove excess air from pouches
  • Thermal embossing in the top seal
  • Side gusset attachment for side gusseted bags
  • Heavy bag assist for pouches over 5 pounds (15 pound maximum)

At Volm, we can custom test any product with the pouch bagger.  Call us today to find out more.

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