Volmstack VST 25 Palletizer

Conventional palletizer for bags and cartons - up to 22 bags per minute

The Volmstack VST 25 Palletizer is designed to offer a high level of stacking performance with minimal expenses.

It can reach a capacity of 22 bags per minute.  The manipulator positions your product with the utmost accuracy on the formation slides, allowing for the overlapping of bags.

The formation slides are an indispensable feature to ensure a high capacity as well as great stability.

The user-friendly controls are very intuitive.  The free-programmable controls offer a setup that meets all your requirements.


  • Capacity of up to 22 bags per minute
  • Stacking patterns are free-programmable
  • Enclosed four-sided stacking chamber
  • Touchscreen for easy operation
  • Standard LAN connectivity for remote access


  • Enclosed stacking console
  • Dual purpose manipulator for handling both bags and cartons
  • Electrical adjustable stacking collar

  • Capacity: Up to 22 bags per minute
  • Air Consumption: Varies based on options chosen
  • Supply Power: 480 Volt, 3 Phase, Ground, 60 Hz
  • Other Label: Maximum stacking height of 2,500mm (8'2")
  • Packing Range: See the product brochure for bag & carton specifications