VP AutoPack

Fully automated bulk bagging solution for paper or mesh bags from 25 to 100 pounds

The AutoPack is the ultimate solution for automating bulk bag packing. Together, the SemiPack Bagger and Bag Placer combine into the AutoPack and can package from 25 to 100 pounds.

Combining the High Speed Bag Placer and SemiPack allow the AutoPack to reach speeds up to 20 bags per minute for 50 pound bags. This makes the AutoPack an efficient machine for most bulk bagging applications.


  • Automatic, wicketed, bulk bag packing
  • Automatically stages bags to place under filling head
  • Transforms two semi-automatic machines into an automatic bulk bagging system


  • Left and right-hand versions available

  • Packing Range: 25 to 100 pounds
  • Capacity:
  • Bag Placer & SemiPack
  • • 50 pounds at up to 15 bags per minute*
  • High Speed Bag Placer & SemiPack
  • • 50 pounds at up to 20 bags per minute*
  • * Depends on product, infeed, and discharge system
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air): 8 CFM**
  • ** Will increase based on discharge system chosen
  • Supply Voltage: 220 - 240 Volt, 3 Phases and Ground