VP Clipper

Automatic bagger for filling tube netting

The Clipper automatically bags products in tube netting. It closes the netting with metal clips, and is equipped with an automatic tube exchange to keep the machine running while the tube netting is refilled.

At the heart of the Clipper is the clipping head. The head pivots to enable easy access for changing wire and labels, or doing diagnostic work. The integrated labeler works with both wine glass and strip labels. Changing from one to the next is quick and easy.

The Clipper can be used with either extruded or knitted mesh products. The large tube diameter range allows facilities to package for industrial and consumer applications.  And, at up to 50 bags per minute, packing sheds can keep up with the consumer demands.


  • Tube diameter range from 50mm to 250mm for different product and bag sizes
  • Flexible metal clipping system to allow for a wide range of wire thicknesses while maintaining the complete closure and label attachment on every bag
  • Clipping mechanism has limited wear parts to ensure a long working life
  • Accepts both extruded and knitted mesh materials
  • Integrated labeler works with both wine glass and strip labels and can easily switch for different packages
  • Automatic tube exchange to continue operation while tube netting is refilled
  • Pivoting clipper head enables easy access for changing wire, changing wire, and diagnostic work


  • Produce settling option
  • Thermo barcode printers
  • Intermittent discharge conveyor

  • Supply Power: 220 - 240 Volt, 3 phases and ground
  • Packing Range: 1 to 5 pounds
  • Capacity: at 3 lbs up to 50 bpm*
    * Depends on product and bag material
  • Dimensions:
  • Tube Netting Diameter - Min. 7.9" (200mm) Max. 9.8" (250mm)
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air): 1.5 cfm**
    ** Actual air consumption may be higher based on options chosen