VP DLM Clamshell Filler

Clamshell filler designed for cherries, cherry tomatoes, and other small produce

The DLM Clamshell Filler was designed with the cherry, cherry tomato, and small produce packers in mind. Together, with a cherry packing facility, the DLM Clamshell Filler was developed to work gently and efficiently with small products.

Packing facilities interested in automating clamshell and punnet filling will benefit from this packing machine. And, at rates up to 50 packages per minute, it is a great addition to any facility looking to reduce labor and increase production.


IP 65 rating for protection from dust and low pressure water jets



  • Min. 5”(127mm) W x 5”(127mm) L x 1.3”(32mm) H
  • Max. 5.75”(146mm) W x 11”(280mm) L x 3.5”(89mm) H


  • Min. 3”(76mm) W x 3”(76mm) L x 1”(25mm) H
  • Max. 7.9”(200mm) W x 10”(254mm) L x 3”(76mm) H


Up to 50 clamshells per minute*

  • Capacity: up tp 50 pcs per minute*
    * Depends on product and infeed system
  • Air Consumption: 6 cfm**
    ** Actual air consumption may increase based on infeed system
  • Supply Power: 220 - 240 Volt, 3 phases and ground