VP Kangaroo 2 Dual Pouch Bagger

Dual Pouch Bagger for fully automated fresh produce pouch filling

The Kangaroo 2 dual pouch bagger is a double pouch bagging machine. It easily bags product in common pouch style bags.

The Kangaroo 2 dual pouch bagger allows facilities to move away from costly and labor-intensive manual packing to affordable, high-speed automation. At up to 36 bags per minute, the Kangaroo 2 can help keep up with consumer demands.


  • Pouches can include multiple handle styles, tear notches, venting options, various films, and die cut corners
  • Interface with many fillers
  • Controlled with a PLC and touchscreen


Downstream Band Sealer


Up to 5 pounds (15 pounds with Heavy Bag Assist)

  • Packing Range:
  • Up to 5 pounds (15 pounds with Heavy Bag Assist)
  • Capacity:
  • Up to 36 pouches per minute*
  • Depends on product, infeed and discharge system
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air):
  • 60 CFM**
  • ** Actual air consumption may increase based on discharge system