Low cost, high speed system weigher with large buckets

The M2 XXL (formerly the VP 25-6) is a linear weigher for weights from 10 lbs. up to 50 lbs. per bucket. Simple and robust weigher with low drop buckets for seed potatoes, onion, etc allows for accurate weights and fast production speeds while keeping costs down. Each bucket of the M2 XXL weigher has three vibrating lanes. The closer the filling gets to the adjusted weight the more the lanes will switch off. Larger weights are possible in multi dump mode.

The multi-lane approach to weighing gives the M2 XXL not only very accurate weights but also very fast production rates. The three vibrating lanes dedicated to each bucket, are capable of moving a large volume of product into the bucket to be weighed for high production. At the same time the final weight is handled by only one lane with dual speed discharge to accomplish the accuracy required as well.


  • Low cost, high speed system
  • Two large weighing buckets with capacities up to 50 pounds
  • Both weighing buckets equipped with three vibrating lanes
  • Touchscreen operation


  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Carrots

Custom testing available for any product.


  • Weighing Range: 10-50 pounds
  • Capacity: at 25 lbs up to 16 bpm*
    at 50lbs up to 14 bpm*
    * Depends on product, infeed and discharge system
  • Bucket Dimensions: 450mm x 525mm x 490mm ( 2 x)
  • Bucket Capacity: 46 ltr
  • Air Consumption: 4 cfm**
    ** Actual air consumption will increase based on discharge system(s) chosen
  • Supply Power: 220 -240 Volt, 3 phases and ground