VP RSB-M Baler

Packs small prepacked bags into a larger mesh bag from the roll.

The RSB-M Baler packs consumer bags into mesh master bags made from our rollstock Raschel Mesh. It counts packages entering each master bag, and uses a vertical lift to catch the bags and gently reduce drops as they enter into master bags. Once a master bag is finished, it is sealed and separated into its own bag.

The RSB-M Baler is capable of packing two to five pound consumer bags into bales, and can pack at rates up to 12 bales per minute. These features make it a worthwhile addition to mesh baling lines.


  • Mesh bag material can be added in rolls and used to create master bags
  • Vertical lift for gently adding consumer bags to master bag
  • Vertical heating element is used to create the beginning and end of two bags
  • Robust, strong frame
  • Uses industrial sewing head and heating element to seal each master bag
  • Left and right-hand versions to fit layout
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • User-friendly program allows operators to create many set-ups with ease
  • Clear doors around machine for both safety and easy viewing of internal parts of machine
  • Optional router for remote assistance


  • Vibrating motor in support belt
  • Hugging incline belt
  • V-Shaped incline belt

  • Packing Range: up to 5 pound Consumer Packs
  • Capacity: 5 pound consumer bags into balers up to 12 bales per minute*
    * Depends on product and bag material
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air): 9 cfm**
    ** Actual air consumption will vary based on infeed system
  • Supply Voltage: 220 - 240 Volt, 3 Phases and Ground