Rollstock bagger for Polyethylene bags

The Rollstock Poly Bagger (RSB-P) is an automatic bagging machine developed for premade rolls of poly bags. The RSB-P can be equipped with a cutting knife or vertical sealer.

Bags are filled through the open/close fill opening. While filling, bags are held by a supporting belt to fill with product gently. The filled bags are closed by a horizontal sealing unit, or by an alternative closing unit. At rates up to 35 bags per minute the RSB-P is capable of bagging in the most demanding situations.


  • Constructed according to CE specifications and comes with integrated safety switches in doors
  • Single filling hole that can be used for different diameters
  • Narrow discharge belt for small filling holes
  • Easy height adjustment for long bags
  • Cutting knife for separating premade bags, vertical sealer is for half-tube material


  • Available in stainless steel
  • Frame for Kwik Loks and printers
  • Vertical and horizontal impulse sealers for thicker films
  • Plate inserts for 5 to 10 pounds to adjust the size of the filling hole
  • Open/close filling hole to create a large fill opening and prevent blockages
  • Vibrating hopper to prevent blockages in the hopper
  • Tape dispenser (50 to 80mm) to allow labels to be sewn to bag

  • Supply Power: 220 - 240 Volt, 3 phases and ground
  • Packing Range: 1 to 20 pounds
  • Capacity:
    • at 2 lbs up to 35 bpm*
    • at 4 lbs up to 28 bpm*
    • at 5 lbs up to 28 bpm*
    • at 10 lbs up to 22 bpm*
    • at 20 lbs up to 20 bpm*
    • * Depends on product and infeed system
  • Dimensions: See Product Brochure for Package Dimensions
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air): 9 cfm**
    ** Actual air consumption may be higher based on infeed system