Semi-automatic bagger for burlap, paper or mesh bags

The Semi-Automatic Bagger (SAB) for paper, burlap, and net bags. Bags up to 100 pounds are hung under the filling head. The bag is automatically filled and automatically closed with an industrial sewing head.

Adding the Manter Bag Placer (MBP) makes the SAB a fully automated packaging machine. There are two models of the SAB: The standard SAB and the SAB High Speed (HS).  By combining the SAB HS and the MBP, packing facilities can have a fully automatic, high speed packaging system (up to 20 bags per minute at 50 pounds each).


  • Exchange top heads when used for both paper and net
  • Vibrating belts for gently settling product in the bag
  • Standard SAB made with a single support belt to transport finished bags
  • SAB HS made with 3, inline support belts to transport finished bags at higher speeds
  • SAB HS uses open/close, V belts to transport bags faster
  • Combine with MBP to create the fully automatic AutoPack


  • Burlap, net, or paper head
  • Standard or high speed version
  • Tape dispenser to sew the tape onto the bag
  • Label unit to automatically feed the labels into the industrial sewing head

  • Supply Power: 220 - 240 Volt, 3 phases and ground
  • Packing Range: 10 to 100 pounds
  • Capacity:
    • at 50 lbs up to 14 bpm*
    (SAB HS)
    • at 50 lbs up to 16bpm*
    • w/ MBP HS at 50 lbs up to 19 bpm*
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air): 4 cfm**

  • * Depends on product, material and infeed system
  • ** Actual air consumption may be higher based on infeed and options chosen