VP WB Single Wicket Bagger

Single bagger for filling poly and mesh bags from a wicket

The VP WB Single Wicket Bagger is designed to pack potatoes, fruits, onions, and dried foods. This bagger is built to pack into premade, wicketed bags.

The WB makes a great addition to any facility interested in packing multiple consumer bags and changing the bag styles multiple times throughout the day. Or, even facilities running one product throughout the day. And, with rates up to 32 bags per minute the WB is a great machine to many packing sheds.


  • Closure post designed for use with automatic closers, Hamer staplers, and tape heads
  • Post enables quick changeovers from one brand to another and allows for easy maintenance on closure equipment
  • Simple wicket design works with many types of bags, primarily poly and mesh
  • Suction cups to hold securely onto bag while filling
  • Two crank arms to make easy adjustments when changing bag sizes

  • Packing Range: 2 to 20 pounds
  • Capacity:
  • 2 pounds at up to 32 bags per minute*
  • * Depends on product, infeed and discharge system
  • Air Consumption (conditioned dry air):
  • 8 CFM**
  • ** Consumption may increase based on discharge system chosen
  • Supply Voltage: 220 - 240 Volt, 3 Phases and Ground