Wet Hopper

Wyma Wet Hopper

The Wyma Wet Hopper significantly improves your washing and polishing performance further down the processing line.

The Wet Hopper can receive product in dirty, clean, or semi-clean condition and allow produce to be quickly tipped from a bin, truck or other device without fear of damage.

The Wet Hopper can be used with potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets and other types of produce.

Wyma Wet Hopper key benefits:

  • Gentle reception and handling of produce in water
  • Buffer storage for produce if there is an intermittent in-feed system
  • Pre-Soak and pre-wash to remove unwanted material early in the processing line
  • Provides and even flow of produce for optimal efficiency and effectiveness of other equipment further in the processing line

Features & Options:

  • Eight models available with storage capacities up to 33,000 lbs.
  • Out-feed capacities up to 132,000 lbs per hour.
  • Adjustable out-feed elevator length and base frame height to suit your line.
  • Variable speed control of out-feed elevator.
  • Optional stand-alone electrical enclosure.
  • Optional water inlet valve & float switch controls to manage water filling.

Volm has recognized the need for full packing line equipment integration and solutions within a packing facility. We’ve listened to our customers and now offer complete facility solutions, from receiving to palletizing to material handling. We’ve assembled a team of expert designers and engineers (VEST) that will customize the solutions that are right for your facility. Volm has partnered up with the industry’s most respected suppliers to be able to offer best-in-class equipment solutions.

  • Capacity: See Product Brochure for Capacities by Model
  • Product Specifations: Many Models Available. See Brochure for Specifications by Model.