Wyma Lift Roller Sizer

The Wyma Lift Roller Sizer separates your produce into multiple sizes. It is one of the most accurate sizers on the market.
The sizes are established by the gap between the runner rollers, which are fixed to the chain, and the lifting rollers. This gap is easily adjustable via a manual handle or automatic system*. As the gaps increase, your produce gently drops through onto a series of reversible cross conveyors, which moves produce to the next stage in the processing line. The rollers are mounted on an endless chain travelling at a speed suitable to meet required throughput and allow sufficient time for produce to turn and be accurately sized.

The Wyma Lift Roller Sizer is simple to operate, is virtually maintenance free and can be integrated easily into any existing processing line. It can size potatoes, carrots, onions, and other round or long produce.

Features of the Wyma Lift Roller Sizer:

  • Heavy duty conveyor chain and sprocket are used for strength and durability
  • Built strongly to stand the test of time and provide a low total cost of ownership over its lifetime
  • Multiple models available
  • Choice of round polished stainless steel or scalloped plastic rollers
  • Custom frame height available

  • Capacity: All Capacities Approximate and depend on soil, produce and operating conditions Custom size range available upon request
    • Model GRxxx12 - 1 to 15t/hr (up to 33,000lb)
    • Model GRxxx15 - 1 to 25 t/hr (up to 55,100 lb)
    • Model GRxxx18 - 1 to 45 t/hr (up to 99,200 lb)
  • Mass: (without out-feed conveyor):
    • GRxxx12 - 2.5 t (5,512 lb)
    • GRxxx15 - 2.8 t (6,173 lb)
    • GRxxx18 - 3.1 t (6,834 lb)
    • Min/Max Diameter Size:
    • 10 mm - 127 mm on above models
  • Dimensions: Length/Width (Total) by Model:
    • GRxxx12 - Length 5,160mm (16'9")/Width 1,760mm (5'8")
    • GRxxx15 - Length 5,160mm (16'9")/Width 2,056mm (6'7")
    • GRxxx18 - Length 5,160mm (16'9")/Width 2,306mm (7'6")
    • Conveyor Length/Width on above models: Custom Length 600mm (2'0") Width