Claf® Bio Fabric™ Pillow Pack

Pillow Pack CLAF BIO Fabric
January 16, 2023

This week we are featuring one of our flexible packaging products, the CLAF® Bio Fabric™ Pillow Pack. This mesh is made with resins derived from renewably sourced sugarcane. Designed for vertical form, fill, and seal equipment. This popular bag style is strong, breathable, and has unique properties that raise it above other mesh products.

Sustainably Made Mesh

Consumer demand is rising for environmentally responsible and sustainable products, including packaging. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is made with resins derived from renewably sourced sugarcane.

Not only does sugarcane capture CO2 as it grows, but unlike oil and natural gas, sugarcane is renewable because it regenerates quickly. This material has physical and chemical properties that are similar to petroleum-based plastic, but the process of making it is more sustainable.

As certified on its USDA BioPreferred® Product label, CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is derived from 96% plant-based materials. It is strong, breathable, and has unique properties that raise it above other mesh products. Like the original CLAF®, this mesh is also available in multiple colors.

Produce bags made with CLAF® Bio Fabric™ provide a more sustainable alternative to packaging fruits and vegetables. CLAF® offers protection and breathability, perfect to keep produce fresh while being more eco-friendly with a biobased, renewable, and recyclable source. As consumer demand for more environmentally responsible and sustainable products rise, CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is a perfect fit for a variety of packaging solutions.

Sustainable, Recyclable, Biobased Mesh

  • Made from sustainable sugarcane resin
  • USDA Certified 96% Biobased Product
  • Compatible Equipment
    • Volmpack Wicket Bagger
    • Volmpack Pouch Bagger
    • Volmpack 250 or 350 VFFS (Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Bagger)
    • Other VFFS machines
  • Biofabric mechanical properties are identical to petroleum-based polyethylene

Explore what makes CLAF® Bio Fabric™ the biobased mesh that speaks to increasing consumer demand for more sustainable solutions.


CLAF® Bio Fabric™ contains 96% biobased content, which is the percentage ratio of non-fossil organic carbon. It highly exceeds the minimum standard of 25% set by the USDA BioPreferred® Program for biobased products. It is made with resins based on sugarcane, a highly renewable resource. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ provides sustainable alternative to petroleum-based mesh products, inspiring confidence, and peace of mind.

Volm has provided industry leading packaging and equipment solutions for over 65 years to fresh produce growers, packers, and marketers. We are proud to be able to offer CLAF® Bio Fabric™ and the sustainability benefits it provides. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is also available on Volm Half-n-Half® bags, all mesh wicketed bags, tube bags, and vertical form, fill, and seal material for pillow packs or gusseted bags with finger holes.

To learn more on how you can include CLAF® Bio Fabric™ into your business visit our product page and contact us today.

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