Volmpack Checkweigher 

The Volmpack Checkweigher is specifically designed for the accurate weighing of fresh produce packages. Using the newest technology, the Checkweigher provides the most consistently accurate solution in the market. Its sturdy and steady construction is the key to its accuracy in weighing. It weighs packages from 1 to 22 pounds with production rates up to 70 packages per minute. The Checkweigher is available with three different reject system options to provide the optimal solution based on package style, size and weight.

Most Common Uses
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Garlic & Shallots
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Checkweigher | Onions

Onion Packing Solutions

Product Detail


  • Strong, stable construction for accuracy and fast weighing
  • Two weighing belt lengths available for different package weights
  • Remote assistance available via optional router
  • Omron HMI display for easy operation


* Depends on product, infeed and discharge system. 

Available Options

  • Three different reject system options: retracting system, side pusher or tipping system   


Package Size Range

  • Model 40: Up to 5.5 lbs
  • Model 60: Up to 22 lbs


  • Model 40: Up to 70 packages per min*
  • Model 60: Up to 60 packages per min*


  • Model 40: 16” L (400mm) weighing belt, up to 5.5 lb. pkg
  • Model 60: 24” L 600mm weighing belt, up to 5.5 lb. pkg

Air Consumption: 

  • 11 CFM**  


  • 230 Volt, 3 Phase and Ground  

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email equipment@volmcompanies.com