Volm offers a wide range of high-performing printers that are reliable, durable, and capable of keeping up with the rigorous demands of a packaging line. Easy to use and simple to maintain, Volm’s recommended line of printers is notable for creating high-quality logos, graphics, messaging, barcodes, and other product traceability information. With easy line integration and high production speeds, each printer provides crisp and clear print that meets the specific needs of each packaging facility.

Most Common Uses
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Garlic & Shallots
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Product Detail


Volm’s recommended line of printers includes but is not limited to the following models:

  • Matthews L12 Inkjet Printer: This high-performance printer is notable for producing crisp and clear high-resolution print at high speeds. Its recommended inks provide superior adhesion at fast drying times. With ample storage for barcodes, messaging, and other information, it is an excellent choice for printing on bag closures.
  • KLR 930 Air Printer: This printer uses cold stamp ink, types, and a master plate to print on bag closures. It is simple to use, requires low maintenance and is low cost to operate.
  • Markem SmartDate X45 Thermal Printer: Commonly used on form, fill and seal equipment, this printer delivers cost-effective, high-performance printing on flexible film packaging. Its intuitive user interface makes daily operations easy and straightforward. It is ideal for multiple line coding, including text, logos, and barcodes.
  • C-Squix 4.3 Thermal Printer: The C-Squix 4.3 is a label printer that has a wide range of industrial applications. Commonly used on clipping machines, it is reliable and fast, has a compact design and is easy to use. Equipped with a filter fan, this unit can operate in a harsh environment.
  • CPXQ 4.3 Thermal Printer: Also commonly used on clipping machines, this label printer has all the features of the C-Squix. Its print head design and transfer ribbon safe mechanism make this a durable unit with a long life.
  • Uno Plus Inkjet Printer: The UNO Plus is a turnkey solution commonly mounted on the RSB-P and RSB-Pouch machines. This high-performing, high-speed printer system has a compact design, is equipped with a color touchscreen, and can support up to four print heads.


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