Volmstack Robotic Systems for Consumer Bin Filling

The Volm Companies robotic solutions team has designed numerous robotic palletizing cells that are able to handle a wide range of products, including consumer bags that are loose stacked into product display bins. Our flexible robotic palletizing systems can be programmed for high-speed stacking of bags from multiple baggers, or simpler single-line systems packing directly into display-ready formats. The systems are available in several sizes to accommodate a range of product flow from the packing line and can even accommodate other products such as bulk bags/bales or cartons.

Most Common Uses
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Robot Palletizing Solutions

Product Detail


  • Small palletizing systems for bin filling have single-lane infeed, single-lane stacking and allow for operators to easily remove each full pallet by pallet truck or forklift
  • Medium palletizing systems for bin filling have dual-lane infeed and dual-lane stacking. They typically include some manner of pallet handling conveyors to increase the level of automation.
  • Large palletizing systems for bin filling have dual-lane infeed, dual-lane stacking, the ability to stack other products (bales or cartons) and have fully automated pallet handling systems
  • Robot continually stacks cases on the pallet in loading areas; then they are released when pallet is full for operator to remove (small systems) or directly to the pallet discharge conveyor (medium & large systems)
  • Single pallet dispensers for continuous flow of pallets to robot loading area (medium & large systems)
  • Dual pallet dispensers can be programmed to use different pallets to fill customer requests for specific pallet type (ie. CHEP Pallets) (large systems)
  • Automated slip-sheet depositor will help reduce labor costs and can be programmed to deposit slip-sheet to required orders only (medium & large systems)
  • Light curtains let the full pallets of product leave while the robot continues to palletize more product (small, medium & large systems)
  • The safety fencing is to protect employees, still letting them monitor the robot’s operations while meeting all safety standards of local labor laws (small, medium & large systems)
  • Easy-to-access HMI (Human Machine Interface (small, medium & large systems)

Available Options

  • Bale/Bulk Bag Pick Conveyor
  • Combo Tool (box/bale/bulk bag)
  • Box tool (3/pick)
  • Box tool (4/pick)
  • RPC tool (3/pick)
  • RPC tool (1/pick)
  • Tool Changer
  • Tool Stand
  • Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • Light Curtains
  • Roll Up Doors
  • Swing Man Door
  • Slide Man Door 
  • Pallet Trolley

Package Size Range

  • 2lb -10lb poly, mesh or Half N Half wicketed bags 




  • Bin Filling – rates up to 100 consumer bags per minute*

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email equipment@volmcompanies.com