Volmpack Bag-2-Paper

Volm’s revolutionary new patent-pending technology includes a sustainable paper package for small consumer bags. This alternative to plastic packaging makes the Bag-2-Paper an innovative solution for packing your dry products such as potatoes, onions, garlic, and shallots. This vertical form, fill, and seal application uses paper, and no plastic, does not require heat to seal, and can run at speeds up to 60 bags per minute.

This Volmpack Bag-2-Paper is a continuous motion vertical form fill and seal packaging machine compatible with the versatile pillow bag style. This machine is designed to operate in flexible production environments; speed optimization with short changeover time, guarantees high productivity at the end of the day.

Most Common Uses
  • Garlic & Shallots
  • Nuts
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Snack Foods

Bag-2-Paper (Sustainable Packaging)

Product Detail


  • Full stainless-steel construction and composite materials
  • Energy-efficient
  • Siemens PLC control with Volmpack Smart Display
  • Integrated modem for online monitoring
  • Complies with CE safety regulations, with security screens and safety sensors on doors and all moving parts
  • Optional sealing system for running film or hybrid mesh/film materials
  • Requires little floor space
  • Easy access for service and maintenance


* Depends on product, infeed, and discharge system.

** Actual air consumption will increase based on the discharge system(s) chosen.

Available Options

  • Soft-Handling version available 

Compatible Equipment

  • Volmpack M8
  • Volmpack M10
  • Volmpack MD12
  • Volmpack M12 V
  • Volmpack M12i V
  • Volmpack M14 SF
  • Volmpack M16i V
  • Volmpack MD16

Package Size Range

  • Up to 3 lbs. 


  • 1 pound up to 60 BPM* 


Air Consumption:

  • 50 CFM**


  • 230 Volt, 3 Phase and Ground

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email equipment@volmcompanies.com for more information.