Volmpack Carton Filler

The Volmpack Carton Filler provides a fully automatic solution for the filling of fresh produce into cartons, trays, and RPC’s. The Carton Filler can fill from as little as 10 pounds and up to 50 pounds of product, offering an excellent option for bulk packing and shipping of product.

The Carton Filler is offered in two versions, Standard and Soft Fill. While the standard is excellent for most hearty produce types like potatoes, the Soft Fill version provides a lower drop to prevent bruising and damage to more sensitive produce.

The Carton Filler can also be configured as a dual filling system, ideal for high production packing facilities or for those producing a variety of packaging styles. The Carton Filler can be used with any Volmpack weigher.

Most Common Uses
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Carton Filler

Product Detail


  • Strong, stable construction for dependability
  • Low drop on Soft Fill version provides gentle product handling
  • Many features and options are available depending on the application
  • Left and right-hand versions to fit the layout
  • Easy access for service and maintenance


* Depends on product, infeed, and discharge system.

** Actual air consumption will increase based on discharge system(s) chosen.

Compatible Equipment

  • Volmpack M8
  • Volmpack M10
  • Volmpack M10 XL
  • Volmpack MD12
  • Volmpack MD14 XL
  • Volmpack MD16
  • Volmpack MD20
  • Volmpack M2 XXL
  • Bulk Weighers

Package Size Range

  • 10 to 50 lbs. 


  • 10 pounds up to 20 cartons per minute*
  • 20 pounds up to 16 cartons per minute*
  • 50 pounds up to 14 cartons per minute*


Air Consumption:

  • 11 CFM**


  • 230 Volt, 3 Phase and Ground

Packaging Dimensions:

  • Min. 11.8” (300mm) W x 15.7” (400mm) H
  • Max. 15.7” (400mm) W x 23.6” (600mm) H

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email equipment@volmcompanies.com  for more information.