Flume Conveying

Flume Conveyors are a low maintenance option for gently and efficiently transporting produce over long distances and around corners. Flumes can carry produce to one or many destinations with dividers to control produce flow. Produce may be de-watered prior to the next process or fed directly into the next machine with flume water. Flume Conveyors are available in four standard sizes and also have many customized options for a tailored solution.

Most Common Uses
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes

Wyma Flume Conveyors

Product Detail


  • Full stainless-steel construction
  • High structural strength
  • Soft fall entry point
  • Entry flap stops produce falling back into water entry point
  • Flexible layout options
  • Water managed in a closed loop with filter and recycling system or as part of a whole line water system
  • Very low maintenance
  • Open and exposed surfaces with no sharp edges
  • Easy to clean with high hygiene standard

Available Options

  • Partial or full dewatering prior to next stage
  • Dewatering trace – available in two sizes for partial or majority dewatering
  • Dewatering conveyor for full dewatering before next piece of equipment
  • Custom length components

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email equipment@volmcompanies.com for more information.