Hydro Cooler for Loose Produce

Hydro-Coolers for Loose Produce quickly reduce the core temperature of fresh produce, extending shelf-life while preserving flavor and appearance. Water is sprayed over a heat exchanger that is cooled to several degrees below freezing by refrigerant. As the water passes over the heat exchanger, the water cools to a user-set temperature. Cooled water then floods down onto produce. Small amounts of a chemical (such as chlorine) can also be used to sanitize produce and stop bacteria growing in the system.

Most Common Uses
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes

Wyma Hydro-Cooler

Product Detail


  • Water spray system quickly cools produce and maintains optimum temperature
  • Variable speed-controlled conveyor controls cooling time
  • Integrated tank allows semi-immersed cooling
  • Stainless steel tank is strong and cleanable 
  • Two drain valves allow tank to be drained
  • Gravity-aided belt tensioning reduces belt wear Integrated coils mean no need for external heat exchanger
  • Modular belt on conveyor allows water to fall to base of tank for recycling

Available Options

  • Produce immersion to improve heat transfer efficiency
  • Rotary Filter Unit for continuous water filtration to prevent blockages
  • Gooseneck elevator (with extensions) to gently deliver produce to next stage
  • Automatic drain valves
  • Access hatches for full maintenance and cleaning access

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email equipment@volmcompanies.com for more information.