Screen Sizer

The Screen Sizer effectively sizes round produce in a continuous process. It is a modular alternative to the Lift Roller Sizer. The Screen Sizer separates produce into two sizes. It has a rotating screen with holes at a set size. Produce is fed onto the screen and small produce falls through the holes while larger produce is carried to the outfeed. This process is aided by mechanical shakers that gently vibrate the produce on the screen. Multiple Screen Sizers can be placed in a row, each with slightly larger screen holes than the one before it, to separate produce into additional sizes.

Most Common Uses
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Sprouts (Brussel)
  • Avocados

Wyma Screen Sizer

Product Detail


  • Infeed chute distributes produce across width
  • Side deflector prevents produce jamming as it travels
  • Outfeed ejector prevents produce from jamming into the screen
  • Patterned lagging on drum roller prevents belt slippage from wet produce
  • Mechanical shaker provides gentle vibrations to aid sizing process
  • Choice of screen types – options to suit most conditions

Available Options

  • A cross conveyor can carry sized produce to another stage in the line 

Discharge Options

  • Reversible outfeed conveyor provides line flexibility
  • Can choose which side sized produce exits


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email for more information.