Sortop Potatoes

Sortop Potatoes is an automatic and high-performance optical sorter that can sort washed or unwashed potatoes and seed potatoes with the highest efficiency and consistency. Its innovative software uses artificial intelligence to assess the quality, shape and appearance of each potato. Thanks to the mirror system and powerful circular lighting, each potato undergoes a thorough 360° analysis. This is the only reliable way to detect any defect, as well as to grade and weigh the potatoes with great precision.  

Most Common Uses
  • Potatoes

Visar Sortop | Potatoes

Visar Sortop | Peeled Potatoes

Product Detail


  • Inspects entire surface of potatoes, thanks to three 120° views
  • High-definition camera has infrared vision to see under the skin
  • Software includes sorting-severity setting – 3 quality levels plus waste
  • Sorting software includes auto-learning – settings automatically adapt to the batches of potatoes
  • 100% automatic
  • User-friendly
  • Patented ventilation system eliminates dust
  • Nozzle system blows potatoes towards outlets with great precision
  • Gentle handling of produce
  • Large doors make cleaning easy

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email for more information.