Volmpack Auto-Baler

The Volmpack Auto-Baler packs consumer bags into paper, poly, and mesh master bags. It counts packages entering into each master bag and once finished, closes with glue, a sewing head, or heat seal. A vertical lift provides gentle handling by catching bags and reducing drops as they enter master bags. The Auto-Baler is capable of packing up to 20-pound consumer bags and can pack at rates of up to nine bales per minute. Its flexible design and multiple features ensure it can easily integrate into any packing facility.

Most Common Uses
  • Onions
  • Potatoes

Auto-Baler with Sewing Head

Auto-Baler | Paper Bales

Auto-Baler | Mesh Bales

Product Detail


  • Vertical lift for gently adding consumer bags to master bag
  • Robust, strong frame
  • Uses industrial gluing head
  • Requires little floor space Left and right-hand versions to fit layout
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • User-friendly program allows operators to create setups with ease
  • Clear doors around the machine for both safety and easy viewing of internal parts of machine
  • Optional router for remote assistance


* Depends on product, infeed, and discharge system.

** Actual air consumption will increase based on discharge system(s) chosen.

Available Options

  • Overhead bypass to redirect bags into bins or packing table
  • Gusset folding device
  • Seal unit for poly bags
  • Vibrating motor in support belt
  • Bin mode (slide to be installed under the filling head)
  • Hugging belt
  • V-Shaped belt

Compatible Equipment

  • Volmpack Wicket Bagger
  • Volmpack Clipper
  • Volmpack Carousel CBS-6
  • Volmpack Rollstock Poly Bagger
  • Volmpack Rollstock Mesh Bagger
  • Volmpack Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Baggers

Package Size Range

  • 1 to 20 lbs. 


  • 10-pound consumer bags up to 9 bales per minute* 


Air Consumption:

  • 12 CFM**


  • 230 Volt, 3 Phase and Ground

Packaging Dimensions:


  • Min. 9.2” (233mm) W x 14.3” (363mm) L x 32” (813mm) H
  • Max. 9.2” (233mm) W x 15.4” (390mm) L x 36” (915mm) H

Poly / Mesh

  • Min. 21” (533mm) W x 32” (813mm) H
  • Max. 21” (533mm) W x 36” (915mm) H

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email equipment@volmcompanies.com for more information.