Volm’s EZ Fence with Pocket-Net™ technology is easy to install and maintain. For a secure and non-sagging fence, posts are inserted into pockets within the fabric. Caps are used to avoid slippage. No need for zip ties unless being used in an extremely windy environment. Volm EZ Fence with Pocket-Net technology in green is GREAT for Duck Blinds!

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE! Pockets located in material every 3 inches.

Available in green and orange. Minimums may apply.

Special colors of EZ Fence with Pocket-Net technology are available if ordering in bulk. Roll options include 4’x50′, 4’x100′ and 4’x150′. When packaged as a kit, plastic caps and sleeves are included (quantity of each is dependent on the roll size purchased). Fence posts are not included and must be purchased separately.

Kit Includes:

  • 4′ x 50′ EZ-Fence material
    • 6 post sleeves
    • 6 plastic caps
  • 4′ x 100′ EZ-Fence material
    • 12 post sleeves
    • 12 plastic caps
  • 4′ x 150′ EZ-Fence material
    • 18 post sleeves
    • 18 plastic caps

Available at Menards, Mills Fleet Farm, Stein’s Garden and Gifts, Agri-Flex, Accuform, Landscaping and Construction Solutions and participating Hardware Hanks, Trustworthy, Do It Best and United Rental locations.

Are you a retailer looking to offer this great product in your store? Check out this EZ Fence & Garden-Net Fence Retailer’s Brochure and give us a call!

Volm Item# Product Details Qty/Ct UPC Code
F100012 4’x50′ Orange 14 8-56429-00001-1
F100026 4’x50′ Green 14 8-56429-00002-8
F100022 4’x100′ Orange 8 8-56429-00090-2
F100023 4’x100′ Green 8 8-56429-00091-5
F100000 4’x150′ Orange 20 8-56429-00003-5
F100024 4’x150′ Green 20 8-56429-00004-2


Volm’s EZ Fence and Garden-Net Fence are proudly manufactured in Antigo, Wisconsin, USA!


U.S. Patent No. 6,367,781