FIBC Bulk Bag

A bulk bag, commonly called a “Tote”, “Super Sack”, or “FIBC” (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), is a large woven bag designed to carry bulk materials. Bulk bags generally range in size from 28” x 28” x 12” to 51” x 51” x 71” (filled dimensions), and may contain up to 4,000 lbs. of material. Bulk bags can also be customized to fit the particular measurements you need if the standard dimensions are not suitable for your application.

• Improved Safety: The manual handling of bulk material in bags and drums, in addition to the discharging of material into process equipment, can expose workers to lifting injuries. Bulk bags require less manual movement since they require mechanical means (fork truck, pallet jack, or hoist) to move the container.
• Cost Savings: The labor cost per container is typically reduced when bulk bags are used. The lifting, opening, dumping, and disposal of paper bags are in most cases greater than positioning and opening one 2,000 lb. bulk bag.
• Economical Packaging: As bag capacity increases, more material can be shipped with less packaging for the same cost. Properly sized bulk bags can also be positioned and stacked more efficiently to heights exceeding that of smaller bags, maximizing shipping container usage and storage facility space.

COMMON SIZE RANGE (Custom Sizes are available)
Vented Potato Totes
• 35” L x 41” W x 58” H
Dairy Totes
• 35” L x 41” W x 56” H
• 37” L x 37” W x 50” H

FIBC Totes are commonly used for food grade and non-food products such as dairy powders, granular products and commodities while also used for potatoes. These bags are lined (LDPE food grade) and unlined/coated or non-coated fabrics. With FIBC Totes, Volm can provide you with a bag that will protect your product from moisture and also oil and grease resistance. Volm brings you a wide variety of options when toughness, size and quality printing are needed to help you merchandise your product.

Inventory varies by location. Call for availability and ordering information.