Guardian Seed Protection Mulch Mat

Guardian™ Seed Protection Mulch Mat
Guardian Seed Protection Mulch Mat does just what the name implies: It protects seed and soil from being washed or blown away and serves as mulch. How is this any different than loose straw or mulch? Because Guardian does it better!

Guardian Seed Protection Mulch Mat features a uniform layer of 100% agricultural straw securely stitched with degradable thread between two layers of lightweight polypropylene netting that degrade when exposed to the sun. Each roll weighs only 10 lbs., and can be easily rolled out, cut to conform to the size and shape of the area to protect, and quickly secured to the ground.

Each individually-packaged Guardian Seed Protection Mulch Mat comes with everything necessary for installation:

  • One (1) 3.33 ft. x 54 ft. (180 sq. ft.) roll of Guardian Seed Protection Mulch Mat
  • 36 4-inch BioSTAKE® 100% biodegradable fasteners
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Please note – seed not included

Benefits Over Loose Straw or Mulch

  • Lightweight rolls are convenient to transport and store
  • Can buy as many or as few rolls as needed
  • Easy to cut to size/shape needed
  • Conforms to contours of ground to hold seed, soil and fertilizer in place
  • Effective even on steep slopes and in ditches
  • Protects newly-seeded areas from rain, wind and scorching sun
  • Prevents soil splash and staining on new home foundations
  • Doesn’t clump, wash away or blow away like loose straw or mulch
  • Holds moisture at soil surface to promote seed germination
  • Mat and fasteners degrade after grass is established

Ideal for Residential Projects Including:

  • New lawn installations
  • Landscaping changes
  • Around new home foundations
  • Cable or drainpipe installations
  • Around new pools or sidewalks
  • Hillsides or slopes
  • Ditches and drainage areas
  • Flower beds
  • Vegetable gardens