Half-N-Half Pouch

Custom Printed Pouches with Mesh for Breathability

Introducing the Half-N-Half® Pouch for fresh produce!

We’ve taken our All-American Original Half-N-Half® bags and made them available in a convenient stand up pouch! This one-of-a-kind packaging innovation takes the pouch to a new level by adding an eco-friendly Ultratech mesh panel into the bag. This Half-N-Half Pouch helps differentiate produce on the store shelf by offering the high graphic impact of a stand up bag while also offering breathability to keep the produce fresh.

Volm’s Half-N-Half Pouch is ideal for the packaging of potatoes, citrus, apples, tomatoes, avocados and many other types of fresh produce.

The Half-N-Half Pouch can be created with many features for an optimized customer experience when purchasing and using the product. Multiple handle styles, zipper options for reclosability and tear notches for easy opening are some ways that Volm’s pouches are easy to carry, easy to use, and keep your produce fresh and looking great.
Volm provides many different finishes including white, transparent, matte finish, and high gloss. These finishes can be made from many different film structures for different properties.

Volm is an industry leader in flexographic printing, laminating, and converting of film into premade pouches. Volm offers many options in size, material, format, and features to create a package that is sure to increase the presence of your product on the shelf.

Volm offers superior North American customer service along with graphic assistance to help you develop and enhance your brand image.

Volm’s Half-N-Half Pouches are proudly made in the U.S.A.