Poly Bags & Roll Stock

Flexible packaging offers exceptional quality, custom sizing and competitive pricing.

Poly Bags & Roll Stock from Volm Companies:

Poly Bags –

Volm offers wicketed poly bags and flat pack bags in a range of sizes and for many applications.  Our printing presses offer up to 10 color print and high end process print with the latest in plate technology.  Many closure options, films and other features are available.

Poly Bag Features:

    • High graphics
    • Inexpensive
    • Fast lead time
    • Automatic packing

Poly bags are ideal for packaging potatoes, citrus, apples and many other types of fresh produce. We offer our own in-house art department for your custom printed projects. We can also provide clear unprinted bags for multi purpose packaging or custom blended films for applications needing UVI, EVA, EMA, anti-static, color tints, slip, etc.

Poly Roll Stock –

Poly roll stock is designed for vertical form, fill and seal equipment. Volm has a number of options for fresh produce including laminated and single structures that can be used with a fin seal. Volm has the capability of registered venting to pre-punch roll stock for breathability.

Roll Stock Features:

    • Very high graphics
    • High clarity lamination available
    • Registered venting
    • Volm expertise in VFFS

Volm Companies is a major national and international supplier of premium packaging. Our customers rely on us to produce custom packaging that fits very specific requirements. They count on us for creative ideas, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. We have the capacity to fulfill both large and small orders, quickly and to the most exacting specifications, and have a reputation for developing solutions for custom applications. Multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities, along with our large trucking fleet ensure you have the packaging when you need it.

  • Other Label: Packing: Poly Bags - Automatic wicket bagger Poly Roll Stock - VFFS, HFFS