Silt Sock

A silt sock is a tubular-shaped material comprised of a fabric exterior stuffed with kiln-dried wood chips. The wood mulch used in the sock is an environmentally safe material.  The silt sock comes in lengths of 10 feet to 40 feet plus. The silt sock is typically laid on the top of the ground along with the down-slope areas and along with side-slope areas as required to prevent or reduce erosion. The silt sock is either lapped or butted at the ends and secured in place by stakes or other supports. Intermittent stakes or other means of support should be provided along with the rest of the silt sock as needed.

Socks are 8” or 12” in diameter
8” Silt Sock, Pallet 112’ (7 pieces 16’ long)
12” Silt Sock (Special Order), Pallet 160’ (10 Pieces 16’ long)