Straw Erosion Blanket

Volm offers Straw Erosion Blanket available in various sizes.

Straw Erosion Blanket is a solution for erosion control that you can use for your next home or professional project. Straw Erosion Blanket prevents soil erosion to prevent grass seed from washing away. Straw Erosion Blanket is ideal for use in areas such as a hillside, channel or ditch. Straw Erosion Blanket is to apply.

Volm also offers both Metal Staples and Biodegradable Staples to help secure Straw Erosion Blanket. Please call for availability.

Applying our years of experience with woven poly meshes to the challenges facing the other industries just makes sense. The same top-quality mesh and poly (polyethylene) fabrics and specialty products can be used for erosion control (e.g. erosion control blankets, silt fencing, sand bags, etc.) and construction sites (e.g., privacy, theft management, and safety). Many applications are also helpful for agricultural and horticultural purposes. Examples of fencing materials include privacy fences, ski/snow fences and garden fences. Whether custom designed, colored and manufactured or one of our many “always in-stock solutions,” Volm has the ability to deliver whatever you need, wherever you need it. Fast and reasonable delivery is available on many many of our products. Call us today at 1-800-253-4737.