Ultratech® Mesh

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Packaging that changes everything, from a supplier you can trust.

Ultratech® mesh is a revolutionary new product. It’s the smart green packaging option the industry has been waiting for.

Ultratech mesh is a technological solution to a challenge facing the fresh produce packaging industry. It answers the call for sustainability through source reduction while providing the breathability produce requires. It performs as no other mesh by offering a unique combination of strength, stability, flexibility, and an appealing diamond design – all in a lightweight, non-bulky material with a flat profile. Ultratech mesh provides sustainability by reducing the volume – and therefore the cost – of mesh packaging material without sacrificing strength, stability, or performance. It’s part of a comprehensive array of packaging solutions offered by Volm Companies.

Ultratech is the ideal mesh used in the packaging of potatoes, citrus, and many other types of fresh produce. As a major national and international supplier of produce packaging, we offer hundreds of different bags and packaging options, and we sell and service the equipment they run on. With Ultratech mesh as your mesh of choice, and Volm Companies as your packaging partner, you’ll have the product and support you need for a greener and more profitable future.