Volm Vision Brand Visual Barrier Fence

Volm Vision™ Brand Visual Barrier Fence is durable, lightweight and easy to install. Use Volm Vision Brand Visual Barrier Fence for construction barriers, marking hazardous areas, dune building, snow fence, crowd control barrier, sporting events and animal control. Material remains flexible in any temperature. Use Zip Ties or Weave onto Stakes. Available in green and orange; 4′ height and lengths of 50′, 100′ and 150′. Volm Vision Brand Visual Barrier Fence is reusable.

Volm Item# Size/Color Cs/Pack Ct UPC Code
F100031 4’x50′ Orange Fencing 12 8-56429-00009-7
F100030 4’x50′ Green Fencing 12 8-56429-00014-1
F100033 4’x100′ Orange Fencing 4 8-56429-00015-8
F100032 4’x100′ Green Fencing 4 8-56429-00016-5
F100035 4’x150′ Orange Fencing 20 8-56429-00017-2
F100034 4’x150′ Green Fencing 20 8-56429-00018-9

Available at Meredith Brothers and Ero-Tex.


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