Wind Screen

Protects from wind interference

Volm’s Shield & Shade™ Wind Screen is great for Tennis Courts, Truck Covers, Construction Sites and more!

  • Protects areas from wind interference
  • Durable, strong fabric that won’t unravel
  • 100% lead-free
  • 70% Monofilament Fabric
  • Colors: black and green
  • Custom widths and colors available (minimums may apply)
  • In stock: 6′ x 120′
  • 10-year warranty for UV sun derogation

Volm’s Shield & Shade™ Wind Screen Fabric is a Mono/Mono Raschel Knitted structure manufactured from 100% virgin polyethylene (HDPE) UV stabilized material. Its unique lock stitch construction allows the consumer to cut the fabric without the worry of the fabric unraveling. Monofilament yarn in both the warp direction and the weft direction maximizes the strength properties of the fabric. Shield & Shade™ Wind Screen Fabric is available in two (2) different colors; Black and Green. Roll sizes are available in 6′ widths and 120′ lengths.


Volm’s Technical Mesh fabrics can be used in many different industries and applications. Because most of our products are Made in the U.S.A., it allows us to offer many sizes, color and material patterns. Our fabrics are used in Construction, Agricultural, Military, Erosion Control, Horticultural, Events and many other areas. Most of our fabrics are HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Our product Testing Results, Inventory Assistance and Warranty information are available. If you have any special needs, call us! Our innovative product team is ready to help.