Volm New Pasco Facility Opens

Volm Companies, Inc., an industry leader in providing the highest quality packaging and equipment solutions to the fresh produce industry, has opened their new 90,000 square foot facility located in Pasco, Washington.  A ribbon cutting ceremony and open house was held on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at the property site.

“We came to the Tri-Cities area in 2007 through an acquisition, and since then we’ve been so impressed by how welcoming the area has been” said Daniel Mueller, Volm’s President & CEO.  He thanked first and foremost the region’s customers, noting the impressive way in which they have taken on innovation in the area.  “It’s inspiring to us as a company and pushes us, and without you, we wouldn’t have been able to have dedicated ourselves to this area like we are today.  We also want to thank the City, giving us a lot of help throughout this process and MH Construction because this is a pretty impressive building and they have done a quality job the whole way through.  Again, we feel very welcome to this area and we thank everyone for being here today.”

Officiating the ceremony along with Mueller was Volm’s Chairman of the Board Alan Mueller and City of Pasco Mayor Matt Watkins who welcomed Volm to the business community.

The open house event was attended by Volm stakeholders and management, customers, city officials, building and project contractors as well as staff visiting from other Volm locations and other guests who played a role in the project.

The new distribution facility is located at 5702 Industrial Way in Pasco, less than two miles from the former location.   The facility houses warehouse space for inventory, LENO manufacturing equipment, equipment and parts area as well as increased office space for the growing business.


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