Volm office in 1955

Company History

It all started in 1954 as a small family-run operation in Bryant, Wisconsin.

The Volm family sold groceries and hardware supplies, serving the needs of local dairy and potato farmers. During this time, Gerald Volm realized that local customers needed a reliable supplier of used and new burlap to get their potatoes to market. Over time, the company formed distributor relationships with other bag companies and moved its growing business to Antigo, Wisconsin where it began manufacturing its own products to meet changing market needs. The company has since expanded to include multiple manufacturing and distribution locations across the nation.

Pictured from left to right: Edward Volm, Henry Seaman, Dan Volm, Gerald Volm

Wisconsin roots. Worldwide reach.

Today, we partner with customers such as Sunkist and Green Giant to produce packaging to their exacting specifications. We also serve national and regional retailers, such as Menards and Fleet Farm, to distribute consumer items such as snow and garden fences, shade cloth and privacy fabric.

Over the years, Volm may have grown to become one of the industry’s leading sources for packaging and equipment solutions, but we continue to follow Gerald Volm’s example by serving customers the high value solutions they need with the personalized customer service they deserve.

Gerald & Dorothy Volm

Gerald Volm
Dorothy Volm

Early Success

Volm Bryant warehouse in 1954
The picture, from the mid-1950s, is taken from the home of Gerald and Dorothy Volm and family in Bryant, WI. It shows the Office and safe storage on the far left of the picture. The Quonset dark-colored building in the middle is the warehouse. These are the first buildings of what today are Volm Companies, known then as Volm Farm Supply.
first Volm office in Antigo, WI

This is a picture of the Volm “Seventh Avenue Office/Warehouse” in Antigo, WI. The year is 1966. These buildings were purchased by Volm as a replacement for a much smaller Office/Warehouse that was Volm’s first location in Antigo. The significance of this picture is that it represents the first time the Corporate location moved out of the small village of Bryant into Antigo. A milestone for Volm.

first Volm semi

This is a picture that shows part of the current Corporate Campus on Edison Street in Antigo. It represents a real dream come true. This is the first time Volm built it’s own complete Office/Warehouse complex. The picture also includes a semi-tractor/trailer as evidence of how Volm was growing to the point where a larger fleet of delivery trucks were needed. The year is 1973.

Volm trade show booth in the 1950's

Behind every organization, there are people who have made it happen. This picture shows three of the men who helped Volm grow in those early years. This was taken at a Trade Show, and would have been in the early 60’s. The men from left to right: Gerald Volm (Co-Founder of Volm Companies), John Morris (Sales Rep for Union Bag-Camp Corporation), Henry Seaman (Owner of Seaman Bag Company). Mr. Volm partnered with Mr. Seaman in the 50’s to stock burlap bags in Bryant and Antigo, from his location in the Chicago area. This way the potato growers in the Antigo area had a local supplier of burlap bags. Mr. Morris helped Volm as it was transitioning from selling burlap bags, to also include paper bags. Some advantages of the paper bag were a “Vent-Vu” window on the front of the bag that showed the product inside of it, and a paper bag could also be easily customized by printing a Grower’s Brand, Name, Address, etc. on it.

two women working at Volm in the 1950's
Just as every organization has men who have helped it along the way, there are women who have also contributed to its success. On the left is Gerald Volm’s younger sister, Pat Fredin. On the right is Dorothy Volm, Gerald’s wife, and Co-Founder of Volm Companies. This picture is from the late 50’s, and is also taken at a Trade Show. The Corporation was still known as Volm Farm Supply, and was still located in Bryant, WI.
historical photo of Volm family

Volm employees at a Trade Show showcase the variety of bags that Volm sold. During this time, the industry was transitioning from burlap to paper, the many ways a paper bag could be customized by printing to meet the needs of each individual customer, as well as offering different sizes and colors.

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