Fresh Net Labels

Volm’s Fresh Net custom printed labels are ideal for use on form, fill, and seal machines. Labels can be combined with Volm's circular knitted net or tubular extruded net to create the Fresh Net bag. Automatic welding of the labels to the net produces a bag with flexible mesh, a high graphics label on front and back, and a handle. The labels can be designed to wrap around the entire bag or act as a header for branding and handle placement.

Most Common Uses
  • Apples
  • Avocados
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Snack Foods

Product Details


  • Very high graphic capability
  • Finished bag has handle or finger holes
  • Up to 10 color options
  • Matte or gloss finish label
  • Widths available 75mm-145mm
  • Thermal labels can be applied for UPC, country of origin, weight, etc.

VFFS: Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine and bags are automated assembly-line product packaging systems. A VFFS machine constructs bags out of a roll of plastic film or a combination of film and mesh while simultaneously filling the bags with product and sealing the filled bags.

Compatible Equipment

  • VFFS thermal welding machines designed to run circular knitted net or tubular extruded net

Package Size Range

  • 1 lb to 8 lb

Brochures & Product Documents


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