EZ Visual Barrier

Volm Vision™ Brand Visual Barrier Fence is durable, lightweight and easy to install. With its flexibility, strength, and ultralight weight, Visual Barrier Fence is great for enclosing event areas, construction sites, pathways, and creating customized spaces wherever you need them.

Most Common Uses
  • Events
  • Construction
  • Sports
  • Containment
  • Trail Marker

Product Detail


  • Volm Visual Barrier Fence is reusable
  • Fabric will not fray when cut
  • Material remains flexible in any temperature
  • Made in the USA in Antigo, Wisconsin

Available Options

  • Use zip ties or weave onto stakes to secure
  • Available in either orange or green
  • Retail packed rolls available by the case:
    • 15 EZ Barrier Fence rolls of 4’ x 100’ for individual or POP displays

Product Options

  • 4’x50′ Orange Fencing, Cs/Pack Ct 12
  • 4’x50′ Green Fencing, Cs/Pack Ct 12
  • 4’x100′ Orange Fencing, Cs/Pack Ct 4
  • 4’x100′ Green Fencing, Cs/Pack Ct 4
  • 4’x150′ Orange Fencing, Cs/Pack Ct 20
  • 4’x150′ Green Fencing, Cs/Pack Ct 20

Brochures & Product Documents


To order call 1-800-253-4737 or email volm.erosion@volmcompanies.com for more information.