Volm Inventory Management

We Manage Your Supply Chain So You
Can Manage Your Business

Volm Inventory Management Solution (VIMS)

Produce growers and shippers know all too well the challenges of managing inventories. Aging, slow-moving, and obsolete products are just the beginning hurdles our customers face when managing inventories. And this doesn't include outside supply chain factors like disruptions, shortages, and volatility that can cause headaches, wasted time, and unforeseen costs.

In fact, research suggests that up to 50% of packaging inventories are outdated. That's where VIMS can play a critical role in your company's success.

With Volm Inventory Management Solution, we can work together to significantly reduce the money you have tied up in packaging inventory while at the same time reduce packaging shortages and shorten production downtime

Here's How VIMS Works

Volm One

Together we identify products to be sold and complete the set-up in VIMS

Volm Two

We determine initial inventory counts

Volm Three

All product information is uploaded into VIMS

Volm Four

A secure automated feed of your production information is established

Volm Five

VIMS converts your production data via the Bill of Materials

Volm Six

Your electronic data is updated every 30 minutes providing real-time inventory visibility


Your data transfer is secured through multiple levels of encryption 

Volm Eight

Your company's packaging transactions manage the inventories stock

Volm Nine

Our customer service experts place orders and schedule deliveries based on your needs and our dashboard provides detailed reports on your supply chain performance 

VIMS Creates Visibility Into Your Supply Chain

  • Strengthen your balance sheet
  • Improve your earnings
  • Simplify your packaging supply chain

Our approach to every customer is to truly understand not only what you may need, but the greater challenge you are trying to solve.Whether it’s fresh produce packaging or equipment automation solutions, retailers, packers and growers have looked to Volm as a go-to partner for over half a century.