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Whether it's supply chain management, facility design, or new equipment integration, Volm has the solution.   


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Volm Inventory Management Solution (VIMS)

Produce growers and shippers know all too well the challenges of managing inventories. Aging, slow-moving, and obsolete products are just the beginning hurdles our customers face when managing inventories.

With Volm Inventory Management Solution, we can work together to significantly reduce the money you have tied up in packaging inventory while at the same time reduce packaging shortages and shorten production downtime.

VEST Planning

Volm Engineered Solutions (VEST) 

With the Volm VEST team, iteration beats incremental. Typical packing facility design or new equipment integration takes an incremental approach that takes stock of what you’ve already got and what you need, and then works to reconcile the two.

The Volm Engineered Solutions Team (VEST) takes a more effective Iterative Refinement Design approach that enables a smarter, more cost-effective design and implementation process.