In 1954, Gerald Volm began building a legacy of customer success.

Today, his legacy flourishes, and along with it, a Volm commitment to providing a customer experience devoted to customer success.


Trade Show, Late 1950's - Gerald Volm exhibiting along with Union Bag & Seaman Bag Companies

In 1954, Dwight Eisenhower was President.

Gone with the Wind received eight Academy Award nominations, and the first issue of Sports Illustrated was published. It was also the year that Gerald Volm, a visionary from Bryant, Wisconsin, realized that potato farmers and others needed burlap bags to bring their products to market.

It became the foundation for Volm Companies’ adage:

Wisconsin Roots. Worldwide Reach.

Volm Service Van

Reaching Out
Drives Worldwide Reach

No company grows to global proportions without being committed to their customer’s success. And Volm is no exception, thanks, in part, to Gerald Volm’s vision. Each one of us is passionate about providing exceptional customer service and innovative products. We do it because we care about our customers, their business, their employees, and their results. It’s why our customers remain loyal to us, and why we remain committed to them. Not just today, tomorrow, or even next year, but for as long as they are with us.

Delivering On Our Passion

Our passion for our customer’s success is a daily routine. We deliver it through our distribution channels, the products we manufacture, the services and value-added support we provide, our sourced products, and all of our professional services from finance and inventory management to engineering, consulting and thought leadership. It’s every department and every individual in every department.

Each Day, We Continue To Deliver

And how do we define customer success? By meeting our customer’s needs each day and delivering on that promise by providing:

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Operational Success
  • Quality Products
  • On-Time Deliveries
  • Supply Chain Integrity
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Outstanding Communication and Follow-Up
  • Dependable Suppliers
  • A Passion to Serve

After 68 years, the legacy continues. And with it our Wisconsin roots, our worldwide reach, and our Midwestern values of honesty, decency, hard work and doing the right thing.